We understand that good technical support is key to a projects successful completion.

Having access to information, particularly when services are being performed off-site, is vital for a technician’s success. At any point during a task questions may arise regarding the proper usage of, specification for, or procedure affecting a task and immediate answers are needed.

AbacusLibrary is built to be your virtual repository of all documents necessary for the functioning of your business. Users will be able to manage a diverse range of content across and beyond your organization. Employees can author and save documents using familiar desktop applications, submit documents for review and approval and then store and archive them.

Your AbacusLibrary can contain technology papers, installation guides, specification sheets, data sheets, technical reference manuals, general information sheets and much more. The Library allows you to easily and seamlessly store documents online that can be retrieved when required.

Once stored in a digitally secured area you will be able to use an intuitive interface to manage your documents from any location with an internet connection. Our universal search technology permits the quick and easy location of any file within your library.

AbacusLibrary features:

  • Existing template library of procedures and manuals pre-loaded for the use of your organization
  • Organization wide control system
  • Collaboration within and across workgroups
  • Check-in and check-out features to ensure document integrity
  • Version tracking capabilities
  • Security features at every level of access
  • Enterprise wide file sharing capabilities
  • Full web browser support for all end-user activities
  • Disaster recovery features

Please contact us for a complete product overview and demo.